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OCT 26 - NOV 3 2019


We want to give you a genuine african wildlife safari, with the added feel-good of an exciting skydive out of huey helicopters !


 Namibian Innhopp
Experience 2019

For 2019, we are using Huey helicopters for the first time in Namibian Innhopp history. 
The March trip was a complete success. We are now accepting sign ups for our November experience.


We will jump in the oldest parts of the world, in the pure African nature amidst Namibias wildlife and unique treasures… We will learn about culture and history – learning by doing – and Mother Earth will illustrate with sensual impressions, from rock formations to historical sites, animals to ethnics, and of course the UNESCO sand dunes of Namibia.

Join the first Namibia Fish River Canyon, southern route InnHopp Skydiving Safari

Oct 26-Nov 3 2019

An Innhopp is a skydive adventure with a little twist, you’re not told where you’re going, you don’t know the itinerary and you don’t know exactly where you will land. However, we were told there would be petroglyphs, wild animals, monumental geographic formations, history and even rare 1500-year-old plants to be discovered. Thankfully there was a safety briefing just prior to each jump. 

- Gulcin Gilbert 


Every innhopp comes with a story, and a plan.

Messum Crater

22 km width makes the crater unperceivable from ground, and the drive out of this crater is just as intriguing.


One of the landmarks of Namibia. Raising 1700 feet from the flat surroundings it stands out like a magnet for all kinds of extreme sports people.

UNESCO Namib Dunes

One of the participant's and staff all time favorite, sand dunes as far as the eye can see with the coastline afar. Unique lighting and ambience. Tandem option available for significant non-jumpers.


2018 Review

A northbound route from Swakopmund to Okutala, through immenhof, Vingerklip, Twyfelfontein, Messum Crater and spitzkoppe...

2016 Documentary

2016 Namibia Innhopp Trip Documentary by Moritz Schulz.
Focus on E. Rokne and his interpreation of sports skydiving.


Wildlife feeding, Jeep Safaris, Himba village...


Himba Village
near Etosha Okutala Lodge

Explore a traditional himba village and learn the proper way to greet the locals. Discover how personal hygiene, permaculture and crafts are performed out in the bush...

Wildlife Bush Safari

Most lodges offer all out safari tours where your embark on a truck to the nearest watering hole. Girafes, Elephants, Rhinos, Zebras, ... have all been spotted. 


This is the 2018 trip plan.
Upcoming events will vary and include new explorations.

Day 1


When first group arrives Eros, we’ll do the briefing for the first innhopp, and off you go with take off at 10am. Also the Cessna will take-off with the non-jumpers at this time. The Angel will return for second pick-up two hours later, and when we all have arrived Omaruru and checked in to the lodge, we will have lunch, then spend a couple of hours getting to know each other and go through the program. At 4pm you can attend animal feeding, and in the evening we will freshen up for dinner with an evening Innhopp into the riverbed… 😊 We will chill out at the Omaruru Lodge together with cute rhinos and other animals, and this evening should get us quickly into the African mood…

Day 2

Road Trip

We enjoy our breakfast, then two consecutive loads to Immenhof, where we will be the first ones ever to jump ! In the history of mankind !! After lunch second load leaves with ground crew for an 85 km road trip on paved and gravel roads to Naua Naua airport, where first load is to land shortly after their arrival. We will then go to the Okutala Lodge where we will spend two nights in this marvelous animal orphanage doing good and valuable work for the Namibian wildlife.

Day 3

The Wildlife of Africa

After breakfast we get ready to jump into the Etosha pan – that is; by the border of it. Non-jumpers fly to the same spot. We will enjoy a day of game driving, and experience this bliss sensation of harmony, balance and total relaxation, when feeling the pace of nature by the watering holes… Everything in it’s natural order, and everybody go about their business. Back at Okutala we rest out before moving on to the most mind-blowing part of our journey. These days we sleep at high standard lodges, providing luxury in the middle of Africa’s wildlife.

Day 4

The Bush Safari

In the morning one load will go with ground crew after breakfast and get the gravelroad roadtrip experience, while next load will be working on group assignments for later innhopps. We’re now jumping in at the astonishing Vingerklip, or Rock Finger, and after chilling there we’ll move into the bush! Also here the first load of the day will drive the gravel roads and be picked up at the runway of Frank’s farm (the plane owner) after the others have landed. This night we spend under the clear African sky, and our accommodation will be field beds with mattresses and sleeping bags in tents around a campfire. This evening beer and wine is included and the food will be made at site. Wi Fi is unavailable, also poor phone connection. So instead, as darkness embraces us we’ll come in sync with mother earth, helped by the always mind-relieving bonfire.

Day 5

Beginning Of Mankind

We’ll do one more jump in the area in the morning, to leave time for the ground crew to get to our next location – the UNESCO-area of Twyfelfontein. The Angel will take us to lunch, where we also check in at the lodge. Twyfelfontein contains one of the largest collection of rock engravings, and in the afternoon we have a choice of making a jump into the UNESCO area, then have a tour with a guide before taking us back to the lodge. Or we could go straight to this after lunch, and instead make our last jump back to the lodge, having scouted it at lunchtime (it is a tempting landing area…).

Day 6

Beginning of the World

Following our standards for the innhopp experiences, we’re up for the peak day, with the most amazing of sceneries and the unforgettable closing party ! This is the day where we do a deep-study of God’s painting skills, landing inside his oil canvas at the Rhino Camp. We will enjoy lunch in this place run by the Save-the-rhino-foundation, before going back on a road which is an adventure in itself. We try to locate this invisible runway in the desert, where we take-off to jump in the magnificent Messum Crater. 22 km width makes the crater unperceivable from ground, and the drive out of this crater is just as intriguing. Back at the desert runway we prepare for our grand finale – a display jump into the ghetto of Swakopmund !! About 7:30PM we will leave for the final banquet and closing party at the dropzone of Swakopmund Skydiving Club. We will eat well, enjoy the video and other entertainment to summon up our week of heavy experiences. Ground crew will drop us for sleeping at Alte Brücke, a nice resort close to the ocean.

Day 7

Peak Experience

After breakfast we prepare for an innhopp in the magnificent UNESCO area of the mist driven dunes. This is also a recommended location for tandem jumps, also logistically, and a nice highlight before we get ourselves ready for the return transportation and final Innhopp. Should we suffer from the mist-layer this morning, we will instead make the jump up the Goanikontes river, after flying over the dunes. Flying towards Windhoek we will jump at the spectacular Spitzkoppe, one of the landmarks of Namibia. Raising 1700 feet from the flat surroundings it stands out like a magnet for all kinds of extreme sports people, and should be an appropriate last-jump for our trip.


We'll keep you posted on upcoming events and opportunities.

The Innhopp Project

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We'll keep you posted on upcoming events and opportunities.