Even Rokne

Years in sport skydiving: 33
Jumps: 9500+
Affiliated Countries: Norway, Slonenia

Discipline: Innhopp, Formation Skydiving, Big Way Skydiving
Achievements: FS World Record, NO  National Record
Sports Teams: Sequential Games, World Team, NO National Team, #innhopp
Ratings: USPA D-Licence, USPA AFF-I Instructor
First Jump: Voss, NO
Skydived into: Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Czeck Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Namibia, USA, Thailand.
Favorite Jump: My first complete 40-way, docking last, and listening to Frank Zapps's 'Montana'. The guitar solo started AS I docked!

Former Ventures: Destinasjon Voss AS,  Voss Fallskjermklubb

Even Rokne is a Norwegian skydiver based in Tolmin, Slovenia and has been skydiving since 1988, logging almost 10'000 jumps. A jack of all trades, he is a reknowned teacher, and has brought many into the sport. As a member of the Norwegian National Skydiving Team, he scored gold in 1997 and his passion for Formation Skydiving propelled him to the legendary Thailand Record 400 way in 2006, a record still standing today. At home he was chief instructor and later manager of Skydive VOSS. He was one of the co-founders of Destination VOSS and the Ekstremsportsveko, still the crown jewel of extreme sports festival in Europe today. He is the founder of the Innhopp Project and has also consults for other groups such as Toratora. He holds 2 NO National Records (82, 106) and 7 world records (2006, 2013, 2014).


He is considered by most as the father of innhopp skydiving, an extreme sports skydiving genre where skydivers take off with a regular skydiving airplane, but only know the minimum amount of information to land safely in an unknown location (potentially in another country).
The novelty and authenticity of the cultural experiences he has created, centered around innhopps in Norway, Namibia and Slovenia has propelled him as a cult figure skygod who jumps without shoes or a helmet in the most beautiful places on the planet.


Skydiving World Records involve hundreds of skydivers exiting a dozen aircrafts, or in the case of the still standing 2006 Thailand 400 FS big way, a couple of C-130 airplanes. They are one of nature's most bizarre phenomenon: a crowning achievement of human technological achievement as a group and of personal growth as an individual. The lessons they teach and the character they develop yield extraordinary skydivers with a visionary outlook on the sport, such as Even Rokne.




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