Namibia Fish River Canyon Innhopp Skydive Safari

OCT 26-NOV 3 2019

After 5 succesfull installements of innhopp trips exploring the northern part of the country, we're back to exploration mode, and we are opening a completely new route this November.

Let's play.



-It’s happening!!

     As the first people on this planet, we will set out to explore the aviation possibilities of the Fish River Canyon.
     This stunning landscape is the little sister of the greatest canyon of the world; the Grand Canyon. Back in the days before the continents parted, these were still one. And while the Grand one has been jumped, flown, hiked, climbed, rafted, over-explored, this far less accessible natural monument is virgin territory for people like us.

     Situated in the south of Namibia, the journey there will take us through two of the oldest deserts in the world; the Kalahari and the Grand Namib Desert. Going south will also take us passed the stunning belt of mist-driven sand-dunes – incredible 2000km2 of red, yellow, glowing, magical sand dunes, including the highest ones in the world. Southwest of Namibia we also find UNESCO research center, amazing lodges and historical points, the infamous forbidden diamond territory Sperrgebiet and other stuff triggering a skydiver’s heart…

Even Rokne

Founder, The Innhopp Project

     Diamonds are one the biggest mineral production of the country, but as we will also clearly see from the sky; Namibia is the raw mineral production centre of the world; gold, silver, uranium, zink, iron… The separation of the two canyons also points to another goal of our adventure – we will experience the beginning of the earth in a way no man has done before us. Put together with the astonishing wildlife of Africa, this journey alike the previous Innhopp trips will give us a true sense of Africa.

     Our goal is to get to “Fish River Canyon”. Then spending a whole day (two nights) in the area. There are restrictions in the area, it being a national park, and only after the final scouting we will know exactly what and where we can do… Although smaller than her bigger sister in the states, the mere elevation difference from plateau to bottom is promising as to what is to be done there. Speedflying, BASE jumping, paragliding, crossover-stuff or creative inventions…

     We shall all meet in Swakopmund the weekend of Oct 26-27th for introduction and preparation, and we’ll kick off with six jumps introducing the Innhopp concept. Leaving Monday morning, we will follow a western route going south, bringing us over the Grand Namib Desert and it’s breathtaking 2000 sqkm carpet of red and yellow sand dunes.

     Our exact locations will be decided on the scouting trip (diamonds on the map below). Along the way, though, are several attractive targets, like Eagle’s Nest, Solitaire, Sesrium, diamond mines, research centres, dams, Sperrgebiet

     On our way back, we will explore the more eastern side, including locations like Quiver Tree Forest, Lapa, Anib, Aru and Giant’s Playground. Bitterwasser and Polweni both offers rich animal experiences and we hope to end our adventure jumping in to a secret place in Windhoek on Saturday Nov 3nd…


8 day safari
  • 20+ Innhopps from the now infamous Bell UH-1 Huey helicopter / Grand Caravan Black Hawk
  • Huey Helicopter (10K ASL jumps)
  • 1 Grand Caravan Black Hawk (18K ASL jumps)
  • 1 Cesna 206 (Passengers only)
  • High end lodges
  • Bush Safari Camping
  • All meals & snacks
  • A mix of 20+ Innhopp Skydives from Bell UH-1 Iroquois "Huey" Helicopter to get tactical efficiency and from a GC Black Hoawk for maximum freefall fun.
  • Accomdation in high end safari lodges
  • Infamous bush camping under the stars (a genuine Namibia experience)
  • Full pension, 3 meals a day, water/snacks/fruits
  • Final Banquet, epic party, 360 videos and live entertainment 
  • All transportation from start to finish from Swakopmund, NAMIBIA
  • Ground Crews, Medical kits
  • Buffer Para-Rescue Vehicle for unexpected situations
  • Goodie Bag and Prizes
  • Registration Fees, Permits, etc...



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