SEP 5-11 2021

Thingvellir • Althing • Gullfoss • Hvitserkur • Akureyri • Nattfaravik • Myvatn • Reykjahlid • Dimmuborghir • Karahnjukar • Viti • Askja • Grimsvötnin • Vatnajökull • Hvannadals-hnukur • Lomagnupur • Kirkjubæjar-klaustur • Dyrholaey •  Solheimasandur • Stöng • Vestmanna-eyjar • Reykjavik

Active volcanoes and glaciers, hot springs and geysers, black lava beaches and blue lagoons. These will be the framework of our adventure. A journey taking us from the vikings via the oldest parliament in the world to present-day Iceland, a member of the European Economic Area.

We will do 20+ #Innhopps at selected locations all over the island, with a pace of three a day. Our aircarft will be an incredibly versatile local Twin Otter from Norlandair (test jumped 10/18/2020).
In addition, Arne managed to get us a Douglas DC-3 to peak the event ! And from which we aim to set a new Icelandic Record together with local skydivers.
Hlaumagnupur (Lòmagnùpur) is a spectacular mountain with an 800m wall suitable for BASE-jumping. Also several of the other mountains seems excellent for speedflying or paragliding.

The ground crew will prepare the landing areas and make sure our safety equipment is ready. A travelling festival Glamping (Glamorous Camping) Crew will set camp for us every night. They will also provide a full kitchen setup with an award-winning chef, and of course bonfire and stargazing is a must for real skydivers. We plan to sleep indoors half-way through the event and the final evening finishing up in Reykjavik. (Edit: It is now possible to choose a hotel based accomodation package)
This setup also gives us high flexibility, in case of weather issues.

Even Rokne

Founder, The Innhopp Project




Initial plans included ferrying planes from Norway and Slovenia. After test jumping the Norlandair Twin Otter in Hella, South Iceland and contemplating landing the plane on skis on a glacier, this takes the project to new horizons!


Over 6 weeks in the fall of 2020, team #innhopp has travelled to the land of fire and ice to make the necessary arrangements for 2021. We have travelled the entire ring road (twice 2 x 1323km), done air-recon (CESNA/Drone), test Jumps (Norlandair Twin Otter) and most importantly met the locals. The program is now finalized.



Arne Aarhus


Arne is a 45 year old half Icelandic, half Norwegian adventurer that grew up in Germany. Started skydiving in 1992, and B.A.S.E. jumping in 1995. Has before and After been climbing, Scubadiving, paragliding, motorparagliding, skiing, kayaking+++ and loves to ride motorbikes.

He is the initiator of the Icelandic Innhopp adventures and handles all the logistics.

He will make sure the trip to Iceland will be the best and most adventurous trip ever for all the participants.

Snorri Hrafnkelsson


Snorri has already jumped most (if not all?) locations we could come up with and brings invaluable expertise to the project. He is acting as jump director and will make sure we stay within our safety standards.

Shauna Finley


Shauna is representing the U.S.A Eastern region as their Regional Director on the USPA Board of Directors for her second term. She stays very active with the Safety & Training Committee during their biannual meetings as well as during the interim.

Shauna's passion for the sport is with teaching, from first jump courses to coach courses and everything else in between. She goes beyond her responsibilities as an FAA Master Rigger, whether it be familiarizing a newer jumper transitioning from student gear, or explaining nuances to experienced jumpers of their own gear.

In her life prior to Skydiving, Shauna spent 11 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and 3 years on active duty. In 2005 she became a NJ State Trooper and has risen to the rank of Sergeant with the State Police helping run and maintain one of the busiest 911 centers in the Northeast. Currently working as a Trooper and as a Skydiving Instructor keeps Shauna very busy, but she still finds time to regularly run the trails near her home with her dog Claire, training for ultra-marathons.

Glamping Skydiver


7 day all inclusive adventure
  • 20+ Innhopps
  • NorlandAir Twin Otter
  • Historic Icelandair DC-3 Travel & Jump
  • Glacier Innhopp & Landing (a very rare opportunity)
  • Icelandic Record Attempt organized by Sequential Games Record Holders
  • Icelandic Skydiving Association (FFF) Membership
  • Check all the major icelandic bucket list highlights of the artic golden circle (south) and diamond circle (north). 
  • Unforgetable Glamping Accomodation. Festival Crew Sets up a moving glampground. Award Winning Chef. Nightly Stargazing/Bonefire. Real Hotel Stay Mid-week
  • UNESCO Site Tours, World Famous Cutural Attractions...
  • Even Rokne's oversight and 10K jumps experience. Mastermind of the #innhopp movement since 1990.
  • All meals included.
  • Final Banquet, epic party, video and live entertainment.
  • Ground Crews, Medical kits
  • Registration Fees, Permits, etc...
  • Complex transportation schemes as we are #landinganywhere
  • Event T-shirt & Goodie bag

Hotel Stay Skydiver

€  3799
  • No glamping, sleep in a real bed every night.
  • Room Shared w/one participant
  • Can be upgraded to Single Occupancy +500€ 
  • Extra transportation arrangements to make sure you don't miss any events or parties.

Non Jumper

€  2199
  • Same general route and program as Skydiver, but without flying.
  • Can be upgraded to full price and fly all the way
  • Can be upgraded to Hotel Only +500€ shared room
  • Option to TANDEM skydive at some locations
  • Special Curated Itinerary to make sure you go through all the island bucket list items on the way. Iceland been so diverse and most place easily reached, this will be a thorough tour of iceland.



Contact Us

+ 1 415 728 3533
+ 386 70 488 194 


Even Rokne S.P.,
Trg Golobarskih Žrtev 20
5230 Bovec, Slovenija