Oct 15 - 21, 2020

     The Seychelles: A unique genuine paradise on Earth. An archipelago with 115 islands scattered around 460 km2. Located 1200 km east of Africa in the Indian Ocean. 
 Our expedition shall find magnificent nature, pristine beaches, incredible hospitality.

     We will capture all this beauty from our birds’ eyes perspective and share it with the world, hopefully inspiring many to follow in our footsteps. 
 We will enjoy a 7 day historical journey that takes us from the discovery and first inhabitants of the Seychelles, through the pirate’s secret hide-outs for 350 years, and all the way to today’s modern day remote islands paradise. 
 The climate, the colors, the many endemic species of birds, fish and plants, the tropical forests, the UNESCO heritage site of Vallée de Mai, the Creole people, the giant 170 year old tortoises to mention a few.

     Oh, yes, and the most beautiful beach in the world...

 Innhopps are all about senses stimuli fueled by our natural fears, and going home from this trip, we should be filled up for a while. 

Even Rokne

Founder, The Innhopp Project


As a result of the global pandemic, the scouting team of Even and Tommy has been renegade alongside local Seychellois Francesco in the Seychelles for 5 months. This has allowed us to discover the Seychelles in and out, and we've reworked and improved the program entirely. This is the most curated innhopp event ever.

Tentative Program

Oct 15 - 21, 2020

Day 1 - Wed

  • 3 #innhopps
  • Pirates Hideout for 350y
  • Welcome Party

Day 2 - Thu

  • 3 #innhopps
  •  Black Pearl farm
  • Cote d'Or

Day 3 - Fri

  • 3 #innhopps
  • Live Music Beach Sunset

Day 4 - Sat

  • 2 #innhopps
  • Cote d'Or
  • Valée de Mai NP
  • Feast on endemic Coconuts
  • La Digue Island
  • Vanilla Plantation
  • Iconic Granite Boulders

Day 5 - Sun

  • 3 #innhopps
  • Marianne Island
  • Felicite Island
  • Grande Soeur
  • Beach BBQ at La Digue Island

Day 6 - Mon

  • 4 #innhopps
  • Denis Island x2
  • Bird Island x 2
  • Final Banquet
  • Party/Raffle on live aboard boat

Day 7  - Tue

  • 2 #innhopps
  • Curieuse Island
  • Stad Linie Demo jump (Pro-rating/Demo licence required)
  • Walk thru Victoria
  • Closing lunch at Marie-Antoinette



7 day all inclusive adventure
  • 20 Innhopps
  • 2 sets of ground crew
  • Rescue Boat
  • Even Rokne's oversight and 10K jumps experience. Mastermind of the #innhopp movement since 1990.
  • All meals included.
  • Final Banquet, epic party, video and live entertainment.
  • Ground Crews, Medical kits
  • Registration Fees, Permits, etc...
  • Complex transportation schemes as we are #landinganywhere and have to use boats
  • Event T-shirt & Goodie bag

Non Jumper

€  3800
  • Same general route and program as Skydiver, but without flying.
  • Can be upgraded to full price and fly all the way
  • Option to TANDEM skydive at some locations



Contact Us


+ 1 415 728 3533
+ 386 70 488 194 


Even Rokne S.P.,
Trg Golobarskih Žrtev 20
5230 Bovec, Slovenija