Tommy Papatango

Years in sport skydiving: 12
Jumps: 2000+
Affiliated Countries: USA (Hawaii), EU (France)

Discipline: InnhoppWingsuiting, Filmmaking, Formation Skydiving, Freefly
Achievements: FS World Record, FR National Record
Sports Teams: Sequential Games, Singularity Skydiving, #innhopp
Ratings: USPA D-Licence, USPA AFF-I Instructor
First Jump: San Francisco Bay Area, 2009
Skydived into: USA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Namibia, Iceland, Czec Republic, Switzerland, Norway, Indonesia, Egypt, South Africa, Portugal.
Favorite Jump: Gudvagen Innhopp, Norway.

Former Employers: Stanford, Apple, Fitbit.

Tommy Papatango is a French skydiver based in Haleiwa, Hawaii and has been skydiving since 2009. After exploring many disciplines of sport skydiving, his current favorites are training dynamic freely at Flystation St Petersburg and flying his wingsuit over Namibia. He is the resident filmmaker for the Innhopp Project and has also worked for other groups such as toratora. He is an AFF Instructor and holds 2 French national record (98, 104, biggest formation 2014) and 3 world records (Total Break Squentials FS 3pts 2019 (current record in that FAI Class)), FS 217 and FS 219 way ca. 2017. He is a full time skydiver since 2017 and has logged more than 2000 jumps.


It often feels that team #innhopp is living inside Jules Verne's "Around the world in 80 days". With a couple innhopp events a year in countries very far apart, from Seychelles to Iceland, we are always racing against the clock and problem solving.


World Records involve hundreds of skydivers exiting a dozen aircrafts at the same time to draw flowers in the sky, as we hold on to eachother. I am immensely grateful to have taken part in such a transcending human experience, probably one of Nature's most bizarre phenomenon.


There is so much storytelling inside an innhopp trip. We are constantly moving and rarely repeating jumps. Over the week, we might cover thousands of kilometers on a helicopter. The beauty of the nature we see and the locals we meet goes beyond what happens during freefall in the sky. Traditional Filmmaking meets aerial performances.




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